Singin' A Song!

You might wonder just why I am singing and its because I am happy! My Mom told me Glen and his feeonsay, Suzanne were coming to visit. For you who don't know, feeonsay means they are getting married!! Whooee, nothing better coming up than that. I wonder if Spenser and I will get invited to the marridge ceremonial. I hope so!

And here is a picture of all of us together, Glen, Suzanne and me. They look so happy, just being with me probaly makes them feel good.
Then they took my Mom out for a nice lunch and she was very happy about that too. Do you know that most restaurants WON'T let Pups in to order lunch? What a bad thing! We will probably write to Presiden-elect Obama and have him get started on fixing this. Yes, yes, I know he has other things to do, but if he has a dog in his fambly, he won't want to leave it home alone when he and his girls go out for lunch.

Ah well, I hope everyone had their fill of turkies and stuffing and from me you always get



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

It is SOOOO unfair!

I mean, I behave much better than lots of the little bipeds AND almost all of the humans!

Glad woo had fun with your visitors!


Dannan and The Girl said...

Oh, congratulations to the feeonsay'd couple! Of course they're happy because they're with you!

Your picture is so adorable! You are just so cute!

I have often complained about the "no dogs" rule that places have. I didn't contact the president-elect though, maybe I should!

Brown dog kisses and lots of love,

Joe Stains said...

We really wish we could go to a restaurant too, I think that you, Tanner and I would be great lunch companions!