Nancy, my friend from the slammer, came to take out my operashun stitching! She and my Mom held me down and I tried my best to fight them, because who knew what they were doing holding me down like that. I mean, I love them both, and mostly trust them, but this was not a good thing!
So finally, they wore me out, and I let them have their way with me. They pulled out the stitching, and said it was a good thing. I guess it was, because those stitchings were itching me and now it feels better.

What an adventure THAT was!

I told my Mom I didn't like the slammer picture of me up there because I am way prettier than that now, with my hair all groomed and styled. She said she would get another picture and put it up pretty soon.

Kisses, Stella

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Kodak the Eskie said...

Hi Stella! I was guided here from Khyra. I'm from Minnesnowda too!! What part are you from? We are in Plymouth. Sorry for your ouchie!

Hugs, Kodak