This is me, I am Stella. This was taken when I was in the slammer for being a dog on the loose. I was in there, for 90 days, for doing nothing worse than being out on the road, just bumming around. I didn't have nobody to love me or take care of me. I am two years old and have lots of energy so life in a cage got me down pretty much. THEN, my new mom came along and adoptinated me, and after I had an operashun, she took me home. She says I have some pretty rough ways, and is trying to help me not jump up on people. She says its rood.
I also like to go faster for walks and kind of pull on the leash and she doesn't like that either. But she says she loves me, and feeds me good, and lets me sleep ON HER BED! Woooo! Thats the best!
As we have some adventures, I will tell you about them. I feel good and happy these days to have a home and someone to love me . . .wouldn't you?



Joe Stains said...

I am glad you found your forever home Stella!

The Girl said...

I was on the loose when they got me, too. I'm glad I didn't have to stay so long.

The Girl says that it's rood when I jump up, too. What's with these people, anyway?

Isn't it pawsome to have a furever home? The Girl loves me and I love her, and I get to sleep on the bed, too!

Brown dog kisses,

MJ's doghouse said...

wow kiddo you are so pretty and fluffy...i am sure you will show your mommy the way to do things soon....if you have any questions...i am sure we will all be able to help you

BenTheRotti said...

aaawww I was locked up for a while too, till my pawents came and adoptinated me! Isn't been adoptinated just the bestest?
I had to learn manners and not to pull on the lead too.. but more importantly I had to train the two leggeds to do things MY WAY!!

So happy you found your furever home!

Ben xxxx

Beckett said...

I am happy you found your furever home! I was adoptinated in January and it's pretty great. Just a warning - the hoomans need a lot of training.

My mom says that I should wait to give people big Beckett HUGZ!!! until I know if they'd appreciate it, but who wouldn't appreciate that?!