Whatta rainy day today! Poured down all day long and there isn't much in this world I hate as much as a downpour . . .my coat is wet, my feet are soaked, and my Mom doesn't like it either.

My Mom got a letter today about working together to create a special day on October 3, 2009 to call National Animal Rescue Day, a day to think about animals who are in shelters and need a home, and Adopting Them. I can tell you that is a very good thing! I was in a shelter for 90 days (my mom calls it the Slammer) and while I got good care there, lots of animals aren't nearly so lucky.
So here is a place to sign a petishun that will go to our Representatives in Washington and maybe they will name the day. Wouldn't that be the best thing?


Kisses, Stella

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The Girl said...

Woah, 90 days in the slammer! That's terrible! We're so glad your mom came and got you to take you to your furever home.

We came over from Joe Stain's place. I'm a rescue dog, too!

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