Walkin' my Mom

Mom says she is not happy with the new Sporn halter and wrote to the company about it. We will have to see what the answer is. Thanks to Ben, Dannan, and Joe Stains for their good words.

I'm sorry to say my Mom has a cold and hasn't felt well for a few days but today she felt better. I wanted to go out bad and maybe I was a little rowdier than usual, but we walked around the block and then she snorted, coff, coff,"lets go home and play a little ball". So we did and had some fun in our own back yard.

I will keep you up on the torture device, and see what she finds for me next. I don't want to tell her this, but it might be good for her to move a little faster!

Kisses to all,



Joe Stains said...

Maybe she should buy you a car?? sounds reasonable. Mom is making that Cuban meat thing on Thursday.

Mom said its a Pick a Deal Yo?

WTF humans are so weird.

The Girl said...

Stella, tell your Mom that we hope she feels better!

Also, there are body harnesses that sometimes work, for pulling and stuff. I can't wear one cuz of my missing front leg, which I thought was a good thing until she brought home the torture device!

Brown dog kisses,

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

My mom used to have BonaFido leashes fur some of other Siberians

Maybe it would work fur woo!


Good lukhk!

Hope your mom feels better too!