Got That Rainy Day Feelin' Again!

But even though my Mom knows I hate to go out in the rain, when we get up in the morning, SHE MAKES ME GO OUTSIDE . She says, go pee and hurry! What she doesn't know is that I could hold it for about five hours if she would just leave me alone, but NOOOOOO, gotta go outside this minite. Its something we will disagree about forever I guess, but I am the one who winds up WET!

Oh, I have some exciting news! My friend Spencer the lab is coming for the weekend. I hope it is nice out so we can chase each other around the yard! That would be fun and we could snooze together too. This will be perfect! Here is a picture of that handsome Spencer guy. He is older than me by maybe 10 years, but he is very nice! We look a lot alike but he is tubby!

My Mom did get a letter from the Sporn Company but the suggestions they made were things we already tried, so we are sending the halter back. Mom is looking on the 'net for other no pulls, but so far she likes the one Khrya said to try, the Bona Fido. I told her I am a strong dog and if I need to pull, I'm probly gonna do it. She just gave me a dirty look. I think today is a good day to stay in bed.

Kisses from Stella


Beckett said...

Hi Stella,

I don't like the rain either.

My mom likes the Gentle Leader headcollar. I tolerate it because it means we're going on WALKIES!!! They make a harness too but we haven't tried that.

What she doesn't like is that people think it's a muzzle and that I'm ferocious, and I'm not ferocious - I'm exuberant!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

The rain isn't that bad!

Mom khalls me Princess RainKhloud fur I like to sit out and soak it up!!

Good lukhk with finding the khorrekht harness fur your mom!!!

We are all difFURent and wear them that way too!!!!


Beckett said...

Hi Stella,

Red is my color! It makes me even more handsome, I think.

Beckett the Humble

The Girl said...

Hey Stella - The Girl makes me go out in the rain, too. Rain is EVIL and she makes me go out in it anyway.

Hope you find a good harness. At least if you have a harness on and are pulling, you won't hurt your throats. The Girl's first doggy was a puller and really damaged herself before they figured out what to do.

Brown dog kisses,

The Girl said...

Stella! Come by our bloggy and see what we've left for you!

Brown dog kisses,

(pee ess There are no rules!)

Ruby said...

Hi Stella
I just came from Dannan's blog to meet you.
I like the rain. I would stay out until I'm soaking wet. I have to deal with mom making me come in the house.
Nice to meet you.
Love Ruby

Joe Stains said...

I HATE the rain, a lot. I would rather pee on the patio but Mom won't let me do that.

I hope you have fun with Spencer.