Friday Memories

Over the years we have had a few different dogs and a friend reminded me today of our Eddie.  This is a little story about him.

We had Otis the Scottie and Bitsy the mini schnauzer when one of the techs from our vet office said she wanted us to look at a little guy who needed a home.

He was a little blonde, curly guy who had been out and running for quite a while and was picked up.  So we liked him, and he came to stay with us and we named him Eddie.  He was so hungry all the time, he would try and get other dogs food away from them.  The other dogs seemed to understand and let him get by with it.  What none of us knew was that Bitsy, who was 10 years old and alpha dog, decided to give him a month of it.  This is what Bitsy looked like (photo from Google)

This is what Eddie and Otis looked like

One sunny afternoon when they were all out in the backyard, I took each one of them a large Milk Bone to chew on.  Like always, Eddie chewed his up at  lightning speed and looked around for another. 

He decided to take Bitsy's bone, walked right up, and just took it away.  She was furious.  She grabbed him, threw him down on his back, scream barking at him, biting him and just generally terrifying the little thief.  He was trying to get out from in under her, paws waving, and all in all, a big panic.  After some of this, Bitsy had a few more words, then picked up her bone and moved off.

You see, she gave him 30 days, and this day was 31, where she nor Otis would put up with his thievery anymore.

I never saw Eddie stealing bones or any eats again.  Could have happened and I didn't see it, but I am more inclined to thing he learned his lesson.

For me, it was an expensive lesson because Eddie scratched Bitsy's cornea and it required eyedrop treatment for a couple of weeks plus a couple of visits to the vet.

Bitsy never had pups of her own, but her adoptees, Eddie and Otis turned into little goose steppers following her orders as they came. They were, all three, wonderful dogs!

Jo, speaking for Stella and Zkhat


A Conversation between two dogs

Once again we have a conversation between good friends Shado and Stella.

Stella:  Shado, did you know that today is your Mom and Dad's 5th wedding anniversary? 

Shado:  Sort of a Gotcha Day for humans, right?

Stella: I guess so.  I only have one pawrent, so I am no expert on this but I think you are supposed to celebrate this.

Shado:  What kind of celebrating do we do?  A party or what?

Stella:  You could throw a party for them.  There are four of you dogs there, put some kibble out for them, string some yarns around.

Shado, Yeah, yeah!  I got some extra bones I've been hiding.  I could put those out I guess.  Although I always like to keep a few handy for myself.  I don't like to be selfish.

Stella:  I could send you some rawhides, they are a little chewed but still plenty to go on them.

Shado:  Maybe some music then too, huh?

Stella:  Good idea, Shado.  Maybe we could get Tsar to come, he is such a great singer!

Shado:  I will have to talk to Sophie, Gus and Toby about this, see what they are willing to do.  I will let you know what we can get together on short notice.

Stella:  I only learned about this today when your Mom and my Mom spoke about it.

Stella and Shado together:  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, BRENDA AND E!  We are makin' a party for you!

Shado is at Brenda's Arizona and Stella stays right here!


Happy Birthday to Me!

Hi All you Pups and Kitties!

I think I missed my Birthday  yesterday!  How could that have happened? 

I asked my Mom, how did you happen to forget about my Birthday and she said Oh No, how did we let that go past?  So she promised me that tomorrow we would go shopping for some doughnut holes with frosteen (my favorite sweet treet) and a present.  She even sang the Birthday Song for me!  We aren't much for big parties but we do like to remember the special day I came on.  Oh, its my Gotcha Day too.  Maybe I will get two presents!

I told her, we just have to be doing things a little better, like remembering special days.  She said she would do her furry best!

I am 5 years old on this birthday.  I came here from the Slammer in 2008 when I was just 2 years old.  I am a way better dog than I was in those days too.  I have learned to be a good walker, and be good to Zkhat, and I love my Mom best of all.

This is what I looked like when I came:

You know now I look very much prettier, don't you think?

So, there we have talked about my birthday day and I am glad somebody remembered! (me)

Love and hugs to all the pups who are waiting for their rescue homes, and for the sick pups and kitties who need help.

Stella, Jo and Zkhat


Adieu, Kodiak!

We are here to say farewell and so long to The Thundering Herd's beautiful Kodiak.

You can read about what has happened to this wonderful dog on
the pages of their blog.

We just want to say so long to Kodi.  If you are new to this blog site, please go and read all you can about the Herd.  Their Hu-Dad knows his dogs better than most people know their kids.  You will find individual bios on each dog plus good funny tales of the kind of mischief they would get into.  One of my favorites, describing Kodiak, is the Kodi-Hug, read it and try to imagine the fun of that!

We can share the Heartbreak of the Herd and DK Wall, their very loving caretaker.  My tears are rolling as I type.

So, we hope you find all your pals at the Bridge, Kodi, and we won't stop missing you, all we have to do is go read a few of your Hu-dad's stories about you.

I'm adding a picture of your favorite tree, maybe there will be one just like it at the Rainbow Bridge N.

For now,
Jo, Stella and Zkhat


A Conversation between two dogs.

This is a conversation between two beautiful black dogs of mixed breed.  On the left  is Shado Curin and up above is Stella McKnight.  Here is what they were talking about:
A two dog conversation: Shado Curin and Stella McKnight

Stella: Shado, do you know my Mom and Bren, write to each other every day? They had a kind of crazy idea yesterday, they think its kind of goofy but we know there is truth to it.

Shado: Yes, I heard. Personally I think the less they know about us and how we mind-meld, the better off we are. Bren started it by saying that I was a bad walker, pulling and jerking her around.

Stella: Then my Mom had to write Bren and tell her that I was mostly a very good girl on the leash. That's when we got in touch about this matter. Then next day Bren said you were a perfect little dumpling and so I felt I had to do some pulling, jerking and running, just to keep things even.

Shado: Bren says everything has to balance out. If you are walking nicely for your Mom, I am having a wild day of misbehaving, spinning on my leash and lunging. On days I behave on the leash, I am certain you are being a little pisser. There is just so much good behavior to go around and somedays YOU get it and somedays I get it. Today I walked like a charm, and I bet you were a nuisance to Jo.

Stella: We haven't been out yet today, but I can assure you being naughty for me today will be a piece of cake (whooo doesn't THAT sound good.) We are having high winds and they really get me wound up. I am looking forward to it!

Shado: This is great, Stella, not only do we look alike, we think alike. But lets do the old switcheroo from time to time so they don't get too smug about us. Keep them on their toes, I say.

Stella: Now I am for that, Shado! I can't wait for the little punks to read this, like Ludo, Bertie, Lightening and Ciara.

Shado: Yeah, and a couple of guys we could both take lessons from are Sam and Monty at How Sam Sees it.

Stella: Its been fun, Shado, and now its time for my walk. heh, heh,heh!

So Long for now,

Your pal Stella
Written cooperatively by Brenda's AZ and Stella's World


This is a dark day!

Happy Weekend Evfurry Buddy!  This has been a rough day for me and my Mom.  She decided this was the day she was going to groom me, coat, feets and get rid of mats!  I said, no, please, you are not good at this and my coat is just fine.  She said sure its fine to you, you shed all over and I am the one who has to vaccum everyday, twice a day sometimes.
She starts out pretty good, she cuts a couple of hot dogs in round things, and puts them in a bowl.  Then she starts brushing me, and when I can't handle it anymore, she gives me a couple of the wiener pieces and lets me go sit for a while.  Then she calls me back and starts on my feeties, she starts cutting nails and I jerk away and she cuts the quick!!! Ow, ow, ow! It hurts and bleeds.  I give her a piece of my mind and she lets me go lick it for  a while.  That was my second front foot so she just leaves me alone and starts brushing my butt area, which I really hate!  But she says we have to do it.  So its the same song and dance as above, she brushes, I get mad and move, and she gives me some wienies and I come back and let her go again.
She winds up with a plastic grocery sack full of my hair and toe nails, and still she won't quit.  She says there is no point in quitting until the wienies are gone!

There has to be a better way than this!  I know you will say she should take me to a professional groomer, but, uh, I got kicked out of one and she won't take me back.  So on we go with our battle!

Do any of you get on with your pawrents like this?  I love my Mom except on that one day she hauls out her grooming tools.  Then I would like to run away from home!  We would both like some good advice about this.

Its nice and cool here today with sunshine and blue skies.  The trees should be getting very pretty very soon.

Ali Z (Zkhat) says hello to her sweetie Tober the Library Cat and I send hellos to my very special friend Tsar of the Portie Pack.

Good wishes to all of you and happy autumn.


Stella, Mom and Zkhat