Scottie Christmas Memories

Hello Pups and Kitties:  I think almost all of you know Ann of Zoolatry who makes  such beautiful things for our blogs.  I got to thinking that a Christmas Memory with our late Scottie, Otis, would make me feel happy, and it did.  Isn't it beautiful?

We think of Sir Otis almost every single day.  He came to us as an 8 week old puppy, after a lifetime of me, wanting a Scottie dog.  I grew up during the FDR administration and I thought his dog, Fala, was the cutest thing there ever was, and I knew I would have one someday.  So I was more than thrilled when I found Otis.

Otis was kind of a throw back to the bigger Scotties of years past.  He had no fear of anything.  In walking we could meet some dog four times his size, and he would stop and greet with his wagging tail, then march on!  He had lots of walk friends too, dogs who would stop and sniff and greet. 

When he was at home, he had lots of games he made up and loved to play.  His hu-brother gave him a ball that made a loud WAAAAH noise which he loved more than anything.   He loved to take that ball, place it on the kitchen rug, then pull the rug over it.  He would then go off into the livingroom, wait some minutes, and come back to the kitchen, grabbing the end of the rug in his teeth, giving a huge pull, the ball would WAAAH, and fly, he would give chase and it would start all over again.
In the summer, he loved to take the hose and "water the lawn", getting himself soaked in the process.

One day, he was sitting by me, at the computer, and I saw a good sized Milk Bone on the counter. So I gave it to him.  His pal Eddie, a little lasa mix, heard the crunch and came tearing in looking for his.  So Otis dropped a half on the floor and nosed it over to Eddie, who grabbed it without so much as a thank you.  But its the first time I had seen a dog "share" food.

Otis got to be 16 years old and suddenly, from a lifetime of health, he had multi problems.  He couldn't see anymore due to cataracts, his hearing failed him, and he became confused about everything.  He grew weak in his back end, and fell off the porch .  He would NOT allow you to help him.  Every night I would tell him, Oats, if you want to go be Jesus's dog, its OK with me, I will manage.  But he knew I needed and loved him.  So my vet and I agreed that the time was now, to end his life of confusion and fear.  I stood next to him while he got the shot, and let him smell me, there with him.  Me, the Vet and Vet Tech (who had known him for all his years,) sobbed together.  Otis was gone, but his spirit has lived with me ever since the first day I knew him.

Sometime after he was cremated, I was at a little yard sale and found this print.  Its framed and hangs over my kitchen table,   Anyway, its a very old print, a black Scottie on a dark tan background and its my boy and I love it.

Thanks for letting me share some of my Memories of Otis.  My Sweet Stella would have adored him.


Jo, Stella's Mom who had permission to steal the blog today.


Sue said...

My Mom always wanted a Scottie, too. They were her favorite breed. Otis sounds like a wonderful little fellow. They sure can take control of our hearts.

Samantha said...

Beautiful memory xmas ball of Otis by Ann. And lovely print too - he sounds like a wonderful pup with a big heart. I know Stella would have loved him.
Big hugs xo

Sierra Rose said...

Ah! What a sweet story and great memory Christmas ball. Otis sounded wonderful!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Dear Stella:

Tank woo fur letting your nice mom have the blog today to paw about Otis!

He was khwite the special fella!

Please give your mom an extra helping of affekhtion today from US!


Martha and Bailey said...

I was touched to hear Otis' story - what a very sweet way to remember him too at this time of year.
I know it isn't only at xmas you think of him but it is nice that he is part of it.
I also loved the print.
Don't you just wish our much loved pets lived longer.....
love and kisses
M & B's Mum xxxx

Ludo van Doggy said...

This be a wonderful remembrance of Otis. Thanks you for sharing the memories and letting us all 'meet' him too.
~lickies, Ludo

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Otis sounded like a very special dog. Thank you for sharing your memories of him. I'm so glad you found that Scotty print, too.

Cloud and his mom

Mango said...

We always like to hear about all the different doggies that have been part of our people's lives. How happy for you to find that nice print.


Huffle Mawson said...

Mum is all leaky over the story of Otis. Thank you for sharing. The man she works with, and his wife, breed Scotty dogs and they just had a litter a month ago. Mum is going to email your mum a photo, Stella.

The OP Pack said...

Oh, what a beautiful story about Otis and we are so happy that you received a Christmas memory ornament for him.

Thank you for sharing Otis with us.

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

Lorenza said...

Thanks for sharing Oti's story!
Sure he was pawesome!
Kisses and hugs

MAX said...

Oh Jo!
What a beautiful Christmas story of your dear Otis! This season seems to bring about all the nostalgia...but converts it to special memories, gentleness and enjoyment. That ornament is beautiful - as is the picture! Treasure them.
Thinking of you all at this time.
With love

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello jo its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is a grate story abowt yore pup otis he sownds like a fellow hoo cud hav helpd me owt on my menny adventchers i wood hav ben prowd to no him!!! ok bye

KB said...

Your story shows something that becomes so obvious with dogs - it's worth loving them with all your heart even though you know that they'll have to leave some day. Otis sounds very special.

I wear a gold locket in memory of one of my past dogs, and when the going gets tough, I clutch it. Her memory makes me stronger.

I love the story of Otis sharing food. I can't imagine most dogs even considering giving up some food. Otis was a generous dog.

Thanks for the story!

Dory and the Mama said...

Thank YOU for sharing Otis with us!!