Holloween Breakout!

Woooo! Last night my Mom took me for a before bed walk even though she said she wasn't never going to walk me again until my new halter comes. Well, I was pretty energetic and I pulled on the leash hard and pulled it and my collar off! Did I run off? You bet I did and it felt so good to just tear around a little! My Mom followed Cesar's advice and walked the other way from me, but I just kept going! So much for Cesar! So then she turned to the way I went and started calling me to come. I couldn't resist her and came as fast as I could! We was lucky there was no more kids out or cars, so everything was OK. It gives me the shivers to remember how fun it was to run in the dark, but I have a home now and have to be a better girl. My Mom knows I have a lot of energy, so she knows I need exercise. So we went out and played ball this morning. It was fun.


Kisses, Stella


Joe Stains said...

GOOD JOB on coming back! I'd be halfway to California before I even turned around once!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Maybe we should agree NOT to do this any more to our moms?!?

As for that Cesar guy?


He's full of khat poop!

Glad woo are bakhk SAFE AND SOUND! Mom had the talk AGAIN last night as we went to bed - blah blah khomfie warm blah blah bed sleep blah blah!

PeeEssWoo: I did the slip the khollar trikhk in my furst week here!

Dannan and The Girl said...

Oh, Stella, as soon as The Girl read me the title of this post, I got worried! It is dangerous for a doggy out there alone, you know. Well, of course you know, you've been on your own before! I'm so glad you came back to your Mom!

The Girl and I say pffffffft to that Cesar guy, too. Good call, Khyra!

Brown dog kisses,