A Discovery!

Hi Pups, Kitties and Peoples!

Today was a very nice day for errands.  My Mom had a few things to do and she invited me along!  The first one was the pharmacy, and the second was the Library.  My Mom reads a blog by Laurie Hertzel called Three Dog Blog and Laurie has written a book about her early life in the newspaper biz.  It takes place in Duluth, Minnesota and environs, called News To Me, Adventures of an Accidental Journalist.   Laurie is now Books Editor for the Mpls Star Tribune!

When Mom picked it up, she was telling two of the librarians about it  and in looking at it, they seemed to open to a *shocking part!

Ah well, it just makes you want to read from the beginning, doesn't it? 

Maybe you'd like to see a picture of our library, take a look.

This library was a Carnegie Library, built long before  my time (and I am 71) and in the last 20 years or so, they have built a wonderful addition onto it.   Its one of my very favorite spots to go.  With their data base in my computer, you can do a lot of looking even before you get there, plus we are part of the Lake Agassiz Regional Library system, and can request books from statewide Universities.  I bet you love your library too.

*By the way, I haven't started the book yet so I don't know if there might be something shocking in it or not. I sort of doubt it, but it made a fun picture of Librarians Lori and Dotz and me, the patron.  Check it out anyway, you have no idea what you might find in it!

Cheers and hugs,

Stella and Jo, working together!