What? Again?

I am quite sure by this time, you are tired of hearing about my troublesome computer and the no-fun blogging with it.  I wouldn't blame you a bit if you were! 

However, this blog is to let you know, we will not be blogging for several months, which is about how long it will take us to get a new computer.  The blogging part, takes forever.  Forever to bring up your blog, to attempt comments, and to have a couple of small fits, when it all disappears from my screen.

I want to hear from you and what you are doing, but it will have to be via e-mail.  Some of you have my personal e-mail address and those who don't are welcome to use djaugh38ster@gmail.com  I will probably change pictures on my blog front now and then, but no comments will be allowed when I do.  Dealing with
spammers takes me forever. 

If Mr. Dell is having a good day, I will check on some blogs, if not I hate getting all crabby over it all, so I won't do it.

If some computer solution comes along to surprise me, we will be back.  We will miss every last one of you.

Cheers and hugs,

Stella and Ali Zophia

And their Mom, too!