Welcome to March!

We are here today to wish you a happy March 1st!  This means in a lot of places its getting to be spring like.  We will probably have another month of cold, maybe some snow, always a good ice storm, but it will eventually be on the way out for us too!

My Mom's friend Mary sent me a package of cookie mix from the King Arthur Flour people.  Today my Mom made these cookies for me and they are furry, furry, good!  They came with a bone shaped cookie cutter, but my Mom was in too big a hurry for that so she rolled out parts of the dough, and cut it into rectangles.  I can't have a whole bone cookie at once, I get smaller ones.

So today, she is gonna make me some Peanut Butter Cookies the same way.  Here is the recipe she is using:

Homemade Dog Treat Recipe

Peanut Butter Puppy Poppers

2 cups whole-wheat flour

1 tbsp. baking powder

1 cup peanut butter (chunky or smooth)

1 cup milk

Preheat oven to 375'F. In a bowl, combine flour and baking powder. In another bowl, mix peanut butter and milk, then add to dry ingredients and mix well. Place dough on a lightly floured surface and knead. Roll dough to 1/4 inch thickness and use a cookie cutter to cut out shapes. Bake for 20 minutes on a greased baking sheet until lightly brown. Cool on a rack, then store in an airtight container. ---

The person who made these cookies said they burn easily, so we have to watch them carefully when they bake, maybe turn the heat down a  little.  I dunno much about baking, but I know good eating and I think these will be yummy.

Want to come and have some with me?



Patience-please said...

GOOOOOD BYE to the stinkin' Februaries!!! We are encouraging our Servant to make us those cookies.

wags from the whippets

Twinkietinydog said...

Thank you for the recipe and two very useful tips: A. My M sucks at this so she'll be relieved she doesn't have to dirty the cookie cutter. B. My M is forgetful so I will watch closely so she doesn't burn them.

Dory and the Mama said...

Nummy!! I really need to get my Mama in the kitchen to make these for me!


Eric said...

Dogalicious! Got any left Stella for a little one?
Wiry love Eric xx

Ludo van Doggy said...

Those sound very yummy!! You lucky Stella.
We had some sunshine today. I know spring coming cos Molly and Faline is being very frisky. They know when spring coming!!
Well, as for Molly hasing babies, nope, he a boy. I know, he has a girly name, but Mum didn't know much about rabbits when she got him and thought he beed a boy. They both had their new-ters anyway. Faline would not make a good Mummy. hehehe!
~lickies, Ludo

Miley said...

Happy March!!! I'm gonna have mom make me some of those yummies!!

lotsa licks,[

Sue said...

Wow Stella, two kinds of homemade cookies? You are very lucky. Our Mom hasn't made cookies for us in a long time. Have your Mom talk to her about that.
The Porties, Morgan and Tsar

Remington said...

Happy March! I'll be right over!

Martha and Bailey said...

Thank you for the recipe Stella. We have been going to try baking some doggy biscuits for ages.
That sounds like a nice easy recipe.
Happy 1st March.
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Happy March to you.

We hope our Mom will make some puppy poppers too!!

The Rocky Creek Gang

The OP Pack said...

Mom is very happy for March to be here and maybe warmer temps. We still want snow, so maybe we will take a run to your place, Stella.

Your recipe sounds so yummy, maybe we can paw at Mom to test it out.

Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

KB said...

We're comin' to share those Stella. Our mom never lets us have great stuff like that because of K's pancreas. But, what she doesn't know won't hurt her.

Here in the CO mountains, March and April are the biggest snow month. Last April 4, we got more than 4' of snow! So, no real spring for us yet - but we don't mind!

Huffle Mawson said...

Peanut butter is not allowed in our house since my mum is allergic to nuts but they sounds very yummy!

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Stella, thanks for sharing the cookie recipe and the helpful hints!

kissa-bull said...

oh my dog
your our angel
we thankyou so much for putting this recipe on your bloggy
it shows mommish she is not the only dog crazy lady who bakes for her woggies
now we'll for sure get some more
pibble sugars and wee wags
the houston pittie pack

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Merdie and I will try to sneak out whilst Mom is sleeping tonight!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie

Brenda's Arizona said...

Hmmmm, thank you for the recipe! We will be trying them and enjoying them!

Mr Koda MD said...

My Ma has made those delicious peanut butter cookies, Nom Nom Nom!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummo.

I hope your Ma made plenty for later...!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Stella!
Spring is almost here!
March is a windy month for us... not very funny!
Thanks for sharing the recipe!
Kisses and hugs

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello stella its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy march!!! mmmm cookies!!! i think i heer trixie pakking her bags to come visit yoo and i am shoor it is becuz of the cookies altho i do heer her muttring sumthing abowt crazy vizsla dogs so evidently she is hanging arownd with sum other vizslas wile tucker and i ar bizzy!!! ok bye

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We gave our cousin, Chloe, the King Arthur dog treat set for Christmas. We never heard if she liked it or not. I bet she did though.


The Army of Four said...

Peanut butter? I'm there!