Its Me, Ali Z!

Hello all you Kitties and Pups!

I am a day late this week, did anyone notice?  We just have a few questions this week, so
we can start.  But first I want to tell you, I had lots of comments last week and that was nice but I just respond to questions with ? after them.  Just so you know.

Martha and Bailey, our Basset friends from Scotland, were kind enough to say I was the smartest cat they know and wanted to know if I went to university.  The answer to that, is No, I never went to university. I try to learn something new every single day, and I use all the books and computer sites I can to find things out.
Its something that almost anyone could do and I highly recommend challenging yourself to do this.  Learning can be very much fun!

Hamish the Westie wrote about one of his neighbors, a cat called MacTavish who is starting a blog.  Since she has no dogs in the house to help her out, he wants us to give her a few hints to get her started.  Hamish thinks she may be intimidated by the fact her humans are 'real' writers.  He says we can find her at http://mactavish-mactavish.blogspot.com/   Now Hamish, I was unable to get this url to work, so I wonder if they have started up or not?  As far as writing goes, just advise her to write what she knows.  Cats have ancient intelligence that no 'real' writer could touch and she will write a charming blog, I am sure with that, and with her daily doings.  Personally, I think she is Blessed not to live with a dog.  Nothing personal, Hamish!

The Thundering Herd's Rusty wrote me and said his brothers and sisters laugh at him for falling off the bed.  He says when he is asleep, he rolls over so that he falls off the bed or couch or lap or whatever.  He says further, its no big deal, and he just shakes himself, climbs back up and goes back to sleep.
Now, Rusty, I read your blog and have noticed you are called the Class Clown, and march to a bit of a different drummer.  Perhaps when this happens to you, (and I am only guessing) you are dreaming of doing something clownish to amuse your family, and  start sleep moving and fall off!  I think its OK that you do this, but I would caution you not to hit your head on anything when you fall.  In other words, before you settle down for your sleep, you check out the area for things that could hurt you.  You don't want to do any brainal damage to yourself! 

Last is Huffle Mawson , with a question and an announcement!
Huffle is sponsoring the 2010 Cat Olympics.  The category is competitive napping.  That is where you snooze and especially if you are snoozing in a forbidden spot!   You can go to her blog, just click on her name, go down a post, and read all about it.  I have joined and I hope I win something! 
Now, for Huffle's question:  How can I remind Mum to buy me Ham every week?
You might need your Dad's help on this one, Huffle, I suggest you type up a little badge that says:
BUY HUFFLE HAM , print if off, cut it out and affix it to your Mum's bag or her jacket .  Make sure it is someplace she looks everyday!  I bet then she won't be forgetting!

Thanks everyone for your questions, and we will be back on schedule next Tuesday, so be sure you put your question into a comment to this post.

Last week's Max Tour was so wonderful if you were not able to read all the posts, go to Max's blog and scroll down a bit, you will find a listing of all the posters and you can visit those you missed.  Sometimes you dogs really do know what you are doing!

Meow, meow,

Ali Zophia


Martha and Bailey said...

Hi Ali Z, as always an answer for every question!
We are surprised to learn that you educate yourself - we have never really needed to know anything - we are just happy sniffing.
We liked your advice for Huffle and have decided to make our mum a badge to ask her to buy us tripe sticks.
These are our favourite treat - we are going to put the badge on her mobile phone - she is always looking at that.
Thanks for the tip.
We think we are up to date with all of Max's adventures but perhaps a question for next week could be - how come Max showed no signs of jet lag?
After all he must have travelled right round the world!
See you next week - hopefully on the right day!
Martha & Bailey xxx

The OP Pack said...

Good to see you any day of the week, Ali Z. Are you enjoying the winter? We want more snow but Mom wants Spring.

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

Dory and the Mama said...

Ali Z you are so very smart! I have a question for you. I met my kitty aunt Callie for the first time last week, after five years of visiting her house.

Why is it that she waited for five years before she let me see her??


Bobby said...

Thank you for your comment saying you can not understand why I did not get adopted, you are right I am a lovely dog now. But I did not use to be, and as I got to trust John then all the people I met at the park who offered me treats, and the dogs I walk about with who I got used to. So I am a dog to be proud of, well sometimes.

Remington said...

Great answers....I concur....

Huffle Mawson said...

That was good advice for Rusty the Rooster! I'm glad you entered the napping competition Ali Z, I think you'll do very well!

The Army of Four said...

I'm entering the Cat-o-lympics! As an Honorary Kit Cat, it's my duty to give it a try!
Play bows,
PS: Huffle is a GIRL! :)

Stella said...

Yes, Zim, I Know Huffle is a girl, but everybody has a slip now and then!

I hope I can beat you in the Cat-o-lympics, Zim!

Ali Zophia

Twinkietinydog said...

Darn, sometimes I forget the question mark???
Yes? the Max Tour swept me away too? :) As for Huffle's event? I'm in too...Good luck?

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...



How about ALL THE TIME!

I mean, just ask Stella and the nice lady that feeds woo!


KB said...

You're great, Ali Z. So full of sage advice.

I particularly liked your answer to Rusty.

And, I agree that Max's tour was the best! Now, I just wish that we could cure him somehow.

How can I get my friend the bobcat to visit more often? Any suggestions? Catnip? What does catnip do to cats, anyway? Obviously, I'm pretty naive when it comes to felines!

Deborah said...

Hi There! I should have entered my three cats. I'm sure one of them has some talent,,,even if it is napping!!!

The Thundering Herd said...

Rusty the Rooster says thanks so much for the advice. Though the rest of The Herd is pretty sure that the possibility of brainial damage is remote - grins. Our featured video in today's blog proves that.

Mango said...

Well, always worth the visit. That tip about the ham is most excellent.


Ludo van Doggy said...

Such a wise kitty. Do you think your advice about writing a note would help if I wrote it on Mum's face so she would see it everytime she went near a mirror, or window?
You might think I being mean, but wait till you see what she did to me!
Good luck in the cat-o-lympics!

I has beed reading about Max's tour, what a wonderful time he had!
~lickies, Ludo