Its Me! Ali Z!

Good Day, Kitties and Pups!  We have lots of mail so lets get started.

Lets start with a letter from Dexter (Peewee), Mango's little brother who says "I like to be up high and jump on top of anything I can find.  Momma thinks I am part cat.  Do you think this is possible?
No, Dexter, I have seen you and you are definitely all dog, but you are part Circus Dog, nimble and graceful in your climbing.  Your future awaits you in show business, I'd say!

Max, our handsome friend from South Africa says there seem to be an increased number of cats around our neighborhood lately and I have no explanation for it.  Do you know?
Max, I can only guess there are a couple of very busy Tom Cats in your neighborhood, or that people, sadly, are dumping kitties rather than take the time to find them good homes.  Are there any Kitty rescues in your town?

Samantha writes a question that is from her kitty sis Ozzie.  In the evening when I come in for the night, I allow Sammie to sniff me around my head and upper back and neck.  Then I often rub against her legs, weaving in and out.  Now normally, I don't let that dog near me . Can you explain this:
Ozzie, you are probably both very tired and it feels good to connect with your sister animal, even though,
you might not show a lot of love for each other.  Dogs usually move too fast for me to enjoy their company, but if Stella is tired, she is much gentler with me, and I too, allow her some sniffs.  Its a good connection at the end of the day!

KB asks if I can talk to her dog K about how dangerous a 200 lb. mountain lion is.  The dog keeps telling KB that the lion is no more scary than Ali Z and asks if I can straighten her out!
Oh My, its hard to know where to begin this question.  I can be scary, like any cat can be, but my first family declawed me so there is no fear there.  But K, you are such a smart dog.  I read your blog and your Mom has trained you so well.  You must stop thinking you can best this Lion, because you can't.  Think of the deer you found (that caused you such trouble), you don't want to end up like that!  Be careful,please!

Twinkietinydog has an issue of Romance.  She says a while back she fell in love with a RH furiend but he is too busy for her.  She says he is super, he is huge, he can fit pairs of shoes on his back, he meditates, but he won't pay any attention to me.  What can I do?    Oh Twink, I think the best thing you can do is forget about this guy.  I know who you are speaking of and its my judgement he is much too large for you to have a good relationship with or any relationship, for that matter.  He is kind and gentle and would be just a friend to you, but Romance?  Never!  Look for someone closer to your size that you could cuddle with and not get crushed!

The OP Pack writes asking how they can get their snow back!  Woo, that is a hard one because where you live might not get a lot of snow in winter.  Your best bet is to move, or take a couple snowy vacations every winter.  Like Minniesnowda, where I live.  After December we are seldom out of snow until spring.  Or think about visiting the North or South Pole.  A dangerous element in the North is hungry Poler Bears  and the seas in the South are questionable too.  Just hope for more Snow for Kansas and maybe you will get it!

My good friend Huffle Mawson asks me how I got to be so smart!  Oh, Huffle, you flatter me as always. I try to learn something new everyday, rely on the ancient intelligence that we cats all have, and what I don't know, I Google.  Thats it, Huff!

Giant Speckled Chihuahua wrote Do Cats actually like the taste of themselves?   Uhh, Stumpy, I suppose you are referring to when we bathe ourselves.  Cats love to be clean, unlike you canines, who have to rely on their people to bathe them and seldom do if they can get by with it.  There is little or no "taste" to my furs unless something gets spilled on me, so taste really isn't an issue.  We just love cleanliness!

The Poo Question:  I had Four poo questions again this week and its a subject I would like to say goodbye to for a while (quite a while) so I will answer these letters in the hope we can close this question.
Kissa-bull asks about tree rat poo (squirrels?) and no, it is not good for you, sniff it but don't eat it.
Joe Stains says if he can't eat cat poo do I think peanut butter covered bacon is safe?  No, Joe, its full of fat and if you eat much you will have the same problem as Doofus.  Think chicken, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.
Cloud the Wonderdog said last week he ate rabbit poo which he found sitting on top of the snow like caviar on ice! Good grief, Cloud, don't eat any other animals poo!  None!  Ever!
Dennis the Vizsla dog asks if he washes the cat poo very thoroly say in our water bowl is it safe to eat then?
No, it isn't Dennis, because the bacteria is on the inside as much as the outside.
To end this, I suggest you read Martha and Bailey's letter of last week where she speaks of a dog Now At the Rainbow Bridge who ate lots of cat poo and thats how he got there!

Thank you for your letters and my next column will be next Tuesday February 2nd.  Please send your questions to arrive by then.

Meow, meow,
Ali Zophia


The OP Pack said...

Thanks for the advice, Ali Z. We will pass it along to the Momster, but she doesn't really like the snow or the cold. We seem to be missing all the storms this week. Guess we may as well move on to spring - we would take sun as an alternative.

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

Samantha said...

You are so full of wisdom, Ali Z... thanks for the knowledge about evening kissies and I'm going over to Martha and Bailey to read about that, cause I, Sammie, daily sneak doggie poo. Not good.
Huggers xo
Sammie and Oz

TwoSpecialWires said...

Ali Z. We're sending our Girl over to read your post! She's got two resident cats up in the mountains ... and she can learn all about them and come home and tell us all the tails.

Impressed with (and appreciative of) your knowledge.
Jake and Fergi xxoo

Pee esS Tell Stella "hi". We've been sort of remiss.

Anonymous said...

I've developed a taste for deer poo. I even ate so much that I got the sickies, but still want to eat more. I have been forbidden from going out unless I'm on a leash so that I don't eat anymore of it (there's lots of piles of it in our backyard cause the deer have been eating our trees... I figure if they can eat our trees, I should be allowed to eat their poo, no?) You said you didn't want to hear about poo anymore Ali Z, but it seems to be a popular subject for us doggies. Perhaps we're not as "evolved" as you kitties? No, that can't be right. We're just more open about our fetishes. Oprah would understand.

Remington said...

Thank you wise one....

kissa-bull said...

vewy interesting words on the poo
we plan to stop sniffin it so we dont get tempted
many thank you
wiggles and slobbers
the houston pittie pack

Twinkietinydog said...

You outdid yourself, Ali Z, but I'm blushing to say, I thought the answer you gave me was the most elaborate, however, I beg to differ. When did size matter, age, race, breed, religion? Why should be be restricted by superficial boundaries? Oh, be still my lil' heart. The word is out. I had been leaving secret comments, but now I'm sure the RH knows. I don't know how I'm going to be able to visit his blog today...

Bobby said...

AH Dog poo is not my thing, now rabbit poo is so good we eat it then we sick it up.

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Ali Z you are one smart kitty... Thanks for all the great information... You are really good at helping all our pals..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

K and I sooooo think alike!

That KholWOOrado khytty would be soooooo much fun!


giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Thanks, Ali Z. stumpy wondered about cat's tasting good because she thought cats MUST taste good due to all the licking they do.

Now she wants to know why do we always find the cat in the last place we look?

Dory and the Mama said...

We always leave your posts much more informed!! Thank you so much for all of your great advice!


Huffle Mawson said...

Wise words as always Ali Z. I'm very glad you're my friend!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Maybe all of us Sibes should set up a camp in Antarctica.


Mr Koda MD said...

What great advice Ali Z even I picked up some new tips and tricks.

Good work, oh knowledgable one...


Mango said...

OK, thanks for clearing that one up.

Gosh, maybe we should get a cat. That poop eating sounds yummers.


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

so nice to have you back Ali-Z--hope you enjoyed your little acation--now you are coming back with better advice than ever!!!

Ludo van Doggy said...

Great advices this week Ali Z. I get the feeling you is getting a little impatient with some of us doggies. Not me though, right?
My bro-fur has a question for you. He wants to know how he can stop us dogs from eating his food. He likes to save some for later but we always come and eat it so he always has to ask the people to give him more and they thinks he greedy. Well, I could tell him that he can't it just too tasty. Also he would like to know "what your favourite kind of food is."
~lickies, Ludo

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello ali z its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmmmm ok so washing the cat poo wont wurk wot abowt mikrowayving it to at leest 180 degreez internal tempratcher wil that wurk??? ok bye

Tee said...

Hello there Ali Z,

You're very wise for a cat! What did your momma feed your. We'd like to have some of your wisedoms.

Licks and wags

The Dog Woods Pack

Martha and Bailey said...

Hi Ali Z
We so look forward to your posts - you are the wisest kitty cat we know.
You had lots of questions this week.
Now we have one for you for next time.
Charlie the hound dog - over at A House with Two Cats - has said how much he admires Martha. If only he was on the same continent. Now what an excuse!
Anyway we wondered what you would advise Martha - Charlie is an older hound - we think he is 11 yrs old and Martha is only 3yrs plus she has lived a very sheltered life.
Well she was in kennels for most of it so is something of a late developer.
We would welcome your thoughts.....
love and kisses
Martha & bailey xxx

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

But Ali, you know I love the finer things in life!


Deborah said...

That was pawesome advise for everyone! Funny, you don't look like a cat!

Joe Stains said...

Cats are too sensible for me. sheesh. I bet Stella would say I could eat bacon with peanut butter.