Its Me! Ali Z!

Hi Kitties and Pups!

Just a few letters today, but something important at the bottom, so stay with us!

Those big guys, those Splorin' Wolfies, want to know what Stella and I are hoping for from Santa this year?
Hmmm, Wolfies, we haven't made out our lists yet but I know I want to trade my boom box in on a music system and also get a new, bigger mirror for my dance moves.  Stella just said she wants world peace and a balanced budget, and some new squeaky toys.  Ah, well, to each his own!

Mack and Sally Ann want to know what we do for fun . . .I love to dance to my favorite samba tunes, play the piano, watch dvd movies and pop corn.  Stella likes to eat my popcorn, read the paper, go on long walks, throw her squeaky toys around, and bug Mom. Stella falls asleep at the movies. What about you guys?

Huffle Mawson, Explorer Cat wrote saying:  We don't have Thanksgiving Day in Australia, so can you tell me whats it in for the kitties?  Do you get something special?    Sorry to hear you are missing a holiday, Huffle.  The humans like to think about what they are grateful for, then they cook a huge dinner that would feed everybody they ever knew.  We pets might get some meaty morsels of this food, but mostly they don't want to upset our little tummies and don't give us much from the table (rrrrow!)  Then the day after is Black Friday where all the stores have big sales, the big eaters struggle up out of their chairs and go shopping. Sometimes we score something from that.  Maybe a bandanna, or a toy or treats made for us kitties and pups.  Its not my favorite holiday but Stella likes it because she got two big meatballs in her dish.  They were "too spicy" for me. Humph!

The OP Pack asked if we got some turkey on Thanksgiving. . .No we didn't.  My Mom says we eat quite a bit of Turkey during the rest of the year so we mostly had swedish meatballs and lots of veggie things.  Not that I got any, of course.  Stella does OK though

Thanks for writing and I love to answer your questions.

Meow, meow
Ali Zophia

From Mom:

There is an important article in this weeks TIME (December 7) magazine.  An article called Abused No More featuring Pit Bulls who have been rescued from the fight ring. The headline says: The largest dogfighting crackdown in history rescued more than 500 tortured pit bulls.  But the next step is tougher; rehabilitating--and finding homes for---canines who have know nothing but violence.
   It contains a heartbreaking gallery of photos of many of these dogs, which is hard to look at and harder to read about, but we need to know these things.

This is going out early because tomorrow I go for my one day snooter surgery!  Wish me well!



Sue said...

We're thinking about you and your snooter.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Dear Stella's Mom:
We are thankful fur your snooter and have my paws khrossed your trip to the V-E-T will go well!

Mom is chukhkling about the khat's khomment about the food feeding evFURRYone woo evFUR knew!

So it seems!

Here's to world peace!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Best of luck on your snooter surgery!

I had some turkey myself for Thanksgiving. Mom also gave me a can of Thanksgiving Day Dinner, but I only licked the juices and wouldn't eat it. That really annoys Mom when she splurges and buys me some expensive food and I don't eat it. :-)


Hamish Westie said...

Hi Ali Z
I am going to start a campaign to make Thanksgiving a worldwide holiday. Perhaps a clever cat like you has ideas for other holidays that we could all adopt? (Ideally, they would include a pet-friendly feats, surely?)
Cheers, H.
PS Best wishes to Jo - hope the surgery goes smoothly.

Hamish Westie said...

PS I meant 'feasts' not 'feats' of course.

KB said...

No turkey for our dogs either, unless it's the super-lean meat. After our dog's bouts with pancreatitis, we are the most paranoid pack in the world. NO FAT for our dogs! Our friends and family who share thanksgiving with us think that we've gone off the deep end.

Good luck with your mom's snooter. We're thinking of you.

Samantha said...

Ali Z - you are a very wise cat - I think you must have learned from you mom, who knows best what's good for our tummies! We are thinking of you today, mom.
Hugs xo

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

let us now how you make out with your snooter!!!--hey--Stella--i was really happy with your comment that you liked that picture of us by the sea! we really liked it too--something about it just kept us going back to look again and again--in the end our mom decided to post it even if it wasn't a "technically proper picture"

Huffle Mawson said...

Thanks for answering my question Ali Z. I think I can probably live without Thanksgiving in that case.

I hope your mum's surgery goes well!

Hero said...

Good luck with your surgery tomorrow. You'll be in my thoughts.

The Army of Four said...

Sorry we're so behind with reading blogs - Mom's been busy, which means we can't use the computer. :(
Anyway - good luck with your surgery, Mom-o-Stella&AliZ!
Play bows,

The OP Pack said...

Good wishes for the snooter surgery headed your Mom's way. Be sure to give us all an update. We will be thinking of you and we hope all goes well.

Thanks for letting us know that you and Stella got some tasties on Thanksgiving.

woos, the OP Pack

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Good luck with your operation -- see you back here soon!