Its Me, Ali Z!

Hi Kitties and Pups,
As you know, I have been on a little vacation and I am somewhat behind so
lets get started with our questions!

The question I am most concerned about has come from Cloud who is worried about his cat, Boomer. Boomer, it seems is eating cobwebs and Cloud wonders if it is safe.  I did quite a bit of research on this Cloud, but what I found from one professional person is this:


Since spiders catch various insects, etc., in their webs, I'd not allow her to eat the webs as they and their contents can cause digestive and intestinal problems in your cat's system.>>  So that is it, call in Molly Maids or get rid of the cobwebs somehow.  Do let us know if Boomer is doing OK.

The Splorin' Wolfies wrote asking my why I am scared of Stella and retreat when she misbehaves.  Why not fight back?   Ah Wolfies, that is an easy question for a dog that stands three feet tall and weighs about 200 lbs .  First of all, I am not nearly as scared of Stella as I was once.  I have learned that I am smarter than she is, that I can run faster in the house, and can jump much higher.  As far as trying to fight her, it would be like a puppy fighting a bear.  Just not smart.  We'll be fine, thanks!

Martha and Bailey asked if I liked to dance when listening to my favorite Samba music.   Why, Martha, of course, it is the most danceable music in the world.  I think everyone would be happier if they danced a little every day, either alone or with a partner.  My partner?  Always my secret!

Steve,Kat and Wilbur wrote their cat Wilbur, continues being rude and they feel they are not thinking bad thoughts of him, or that he is attacking Steve when Kat dislikes him more.  This cat bites their Mom!
Steve, I really think someone should get this cat some psychiatric counseling.  I don't feel a family should have to live with this kind of abuse.  He may need to go off to an institution for a while until he gets straightened out.  He may require a program that will bring his whole family to sessions.  Its hard to say, but I will say this cat needs some serious help.

Florida Sundogs Trio wrote about a cat who went berserk in their home, knocking things down, breaking plants , a large picture, and lamps.   Trio, this is very hard to imagine a cat that is so totally out of control.  Was she alone during this time?  Does she have weather fears or noise fears?  What do you think started this?  Is this something she has done before?  You need to give this some serious thought and regain control of this cat.  I say she did it out of fear, and you might want to think about what she is afraid of and how to change  it.  Let me know what you have done and tell me more.

Max of South Africa was concerned about Cloud's question and wondered if Boomer is just trying to confuse the Cloud.  I suppose that would be easy enough to do, Max, but they are observing Boomer's behavior and seem very concerned.  You asked me is it correct not to trust a cat?    What does correctness have to do with this, Max?  You trust those you find trustworthy and don't trust those you don't.  If you are suggesting cats are devious, well, we have to be sometimes.  But I don't think that applies here. 

Mom's friend Khyra wrote about our possibility of a pet activated camera and wondered if it is (in her interesting language) a khollar kham?  Thats a collar camera for those of you who don't speak khyraese.
Khyra I am sorry we have nothing to report this time.  I had hoped to have it this week but because of my trip to Brazil, I didn't get anything done on it.  I will work this week and see if I can't report on it next time.  We want something that would be operable at all levels, which would rule out the khollar kham.

KB wrote saying she didn't know that cats knew about so many things . ..maybe I need a cat in my life!
KB, I think a cat in your life would be very restful and pleasant to have around.  And lets see, you have three big dogs, right?  Order three muzzles and all should work out fine.

Thanks to everyone for writing and I love reading your mail!  A special thanks to my good friend Huffle Mawson who loves to tell me I am wise and who doesn't like to hear that!

Meow, Meow,

Ali Zophia


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Fur once, woo pawed some truth: there is something wrong with Wilbur!

BUT I must take woo to task fur saying that dear sweet khuddly khute Stella weighs 200# and is 3' tall -

She's not even khlose to that!


Stella said...

Dear Miss Khyra:

I was referring to the Wolfies, as being three feet tall and weighing 200 lbs although I am not sure that is correct.

The gorgeous Stella weighs 50# and is about two feet tall.

I am happy you found SOMETHING to agree with me about.


Ali Zophia

Hamish Westie said...

Hi Ali Z
As always, 'interesting' advice. But I am unsure about the dancing recommendation. Do you think that it would be undignified for an elderly and rather intellectually-minded Westie to attempt the Highland fling? I confess that I have an urge to do this (I admit this only to you...) Sadly, I cannot expect much assistance in this endeavour from Gail, who sorely lacks a sense of rhythm, I have noticed...)
Cheers! H.

MAX said...

Thanks Sweet Ali-Z for another week of sound advice! I also like your idea of dancing, but would definitely like to see Hamish do the Highland fling (as he has alluded to):)

Mango said...

That is very interesting information. I need to go and meditate on all I have learned today.


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

we must agree with you logic. you can not argue with common sense

KB said...

OK, I have a rebellion on my hands. Three big muzzles? I'm sending my unmuzzled dogs your way! But, one of them is actually very nice to cats.

As for the spider webs, one of my dogs once swallowed a spider which bit his throat on the way down. He had an allergic reaction that wasn't very nice. Now, we escort all spiders out of our house. I'd stay away from their webs because one of 'them' usually lurks there!

Ludo van Doggy said...

You gotta respect the cats, not only is you wise, you scary! In this house it the other way around, Pepe be scared of Molly and Faline, then we be scared of Pepe. Does you think we gots it right?
~lickies, Ludo

Martha and Bailey said...

Ali Z, you are very wise indeed! You know how to live life and most importantly you remember to dance!
We read Hamish's contact and think how wonderful it would be if you two could dance together - after all it is Hamish's birthday!!!That would be a very good reason to dance.
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx

Martha and Bailey said...

ps we meant Hamish's comment! One day we will learn to use preview!!!

The OP Pack said...

Welcome home, Ali Z. We hope you enjoyed your trip. Another great post - especially about Wilbur - we don't know why he wants to be so mean to Steve and Kat's mom - we met her and she is really very nice.

Woos, the OP Pack

Huffle Mawson said...

Well, you are wise! Just saying it like it is :)

The Army of Four said...

WHAT?!?! No report on the Samba Workshop!?!?

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Maybe I should get Wilbur a straight jacket!


Dory and the Mama said...

Thank you so much for your great advice Ali Z. !

How was your vacation???


Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

I don't know Miss Ali, the strange thing is, Boomer seems to have found the fountain of youth. She has more energy, and is getting sleeker and more muscular. Pretty impressive for a 16 year old grouchy cat! Maybe there is some kind of super vitamin in the spiderweb???

Mom swept them away, but she keeps going back to the corner to look for them, and also down to the basement to look for more. It's really the weirdest thing!

And mom promises that we don't have spiderwebs all over the house, just in that one corner by the door. **mom blushes**


I'm glad you are back from your dance workshop Ali. I missed you terribly!

Sharyn said...

Hi! I love your advice column. So well written and to the point. If I have a question, where do I email it??

Also, the Kitty City Gazette has an award for you. To claim it please email sharyn350z@thekittycitygazette.com.

Oodles of Love,