Out walkin' around

Hi Pups and Kitties! Yesterday we didn't get to go anywhere because it started storming and I was so bad scared! My Mom put me in one of Mike's tee shirts and it didn't help much at all! Today it is beautiful outside , 70 F and breezy, and we took a long, long, walk, it was so much fun. After I tell you about this cute little dog name Molly, I will tell you about another dog I met today.
This is Molly and she lives in Masterchewsits and she also gets very scared of storms and boomies. So her Mom bought her this Thunder shirt. She said its amazing how well it works
and Molly sleeps right through the bad weather snuggled in her new Shirt. My Mom decided after yesterday, that she is going to buy one for me, too. My Mom has tried Tee shirts but she doesn't think she can make them snug enough to help me. There is a money back guarantee on this shirt, too. You can Google for it as Thunder Shirt, if you have any interest at all in it. I wish I could look as cute as Molly in it, but I don't think there is a chance of that!
I met a neighbor dog named Pearl. She is a very little Labrador but very cute. I will get her picture next time I see her. She is very exhuberant, like Beckett is!
All for now, evfurry buddy! I was sad to see Phantom's appointment wasn't so good yesterday, but he will just have to wait a little longer! I am sure it will turn out good.


Mango said...

I have heard about those thunder shirts and that they help some doggies be more relaxed. Good luck.


Hero said...

I hope the thunder shirt helps you, Stella. I'm really afraid of fireworks, which go off at random all the time on my island. So far my mom hasn't really found anything to help me with my fear, though I'm slowly getting used to it.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Paws khrossed woo find some relief from the small-s storms...


Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

I've never heard of a thunder shirt, we'll have to check that out!


The OP Pack said...

Hey Stella, be sure to let us know how that shirt works for you, Mom might want to get one for Phantom too.

Phantom had a very good day today - be sure to see him eating his special biscuit from Mason Dixie. And he ate all of his dinner and was even looking for more from Dad's plate.

Tail wags, the OP Pack

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Huh, I never heard of a thunder shirt. Sounds like something Dennis might benefit from!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Stella!
I hope that thunder shirt helps you to feel relaxed!
Kisses and hugs

Hoover said...

Hey Stella,

Thanks for tellin about the thunder shirt. My cousin Gryff (who is staying with us AGAIN) is bad scared of thunder and we will try anything to help him.

Hoover BPD

MAX said...

Hey there, Stella
Its tough that you are battling so much with the thunder storms. We know that story very well because our Tammy also suffers terribly. We will hold thumbs that the thunder shirt works.
Take care and lots of licks
Maxdog in South Africa

Tracey and Huffle said...

I hope the shirt works for you Stella. I don't want you to be stressed out.

Huffle Mawson

Paco....Milo and mom..Simona said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHH Sweet Stella....
IWe hope the thunder shirt helps you!!!!
we love you and we want that you can be happy always!!!
If only we'll live near.......
awwwwwww....we could take care of you!!!!!
Sweet kisses and licks and special cuddles for your sweet mommy!!!

Life With Dogs said...

Sola is terrified of storms, so I may have to give this a try. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

let us know about the shirt!

The Army of Four said...

I hope it works for you, Stella!!!
Tail wags,
Storms (big "S" Storms!)

Hamish Westie said...

Hi Stella
Well I agree that Molly looks cute, but, call me biased, I think you look WAY cuter (with or without a 'thunder shirt').
Cheers! H.

Amber-Mae said...

Please come over to my blog & vote for the short film I acted in called FLASHES!!!! Thank you!

"Famous" Solid Gold Actress

The Thundering Herd said...

Hope the thunder shirt helps. For some reason, we have been fortunate that the Herd does not worry about thunder.

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

hi Stella thanks for the nice comment. but just so you know--most of the time we just sleep--hehehe!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Keep us posted on how the shirt works. I think you'll look just dandy in it!


Rhonda said...

Mom is going to check those out for sure. OH this is Mom's account because she is too lazy, but this is REALLY JOE STAINS!! thanks for the info.