My SNOW wish Comes True!

Yes, it did! It covered the ground when I got up this morning and it seems like its more sturdier than the last bunch we had. I think this will stick! No More Mini-soda snow, Khyra!

But here is some news that is not so good and it will be schoking to many of you. My Mom and I took a walk and went to the library to return some DVDs she took out. DO YOU KNOW THAT DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE LIBRARY??!!??! I was lookin' around and then I saw the sign. NO DOGS ALLOWED! All kinds of little bi-peds in there doin' the storytime thing, but no, no pups!

We can't go out to lunch in a restaurant, we can't go into the library, how are we supposed to soshallize and improve our minds? Obama, here we come!

I had a fun time anyway, readin' my peemail and pulling on the leash, getting my Mom a little aggravated. hehehe




Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


Let's hear it for NotsoMini-Snow-Da!

Well, if the voters had selekhted Turbo/Khyra 2008, you would soon be pawmitted in the library!

Humans are soooo jealous of our skills!

PeeEssWoo: Mom says she'll try to write bakhk to your mom tonight - work has kept her busy busy busy today!

Princess Eva and Brice said...

We live in Eden Prairie. That's only about 200 miles from you. Someday we might actually be able to meet you. After all, we've actually met A04 in Kansas, Holly in NE and Summi in IA (we were on a road trip to meet Brice and bring him home with us).

We got snow too. As soon as Momma figures out the software for the new camera, we can post our videos.

Princess Eva

P.S. our e-mail address is ep_tasha_eva@yahoo.com

P.P.S. I do have a tiara

Beckett said...

It gets worse, Stella. My mom is one of THEM - a LIBRARIAN! She says she'd like to bring me to work but that some Dean won't allow it. Can you believe that she consorts with the enemy all day?!?


Joe Stains said...

somethings in this world just are NOT right. hmph. stupid libraries.

Dannan and The Girl said...

There are so many places us doggies aren't allowed to go. It is so mean. Especially when those human pups are allowed! I like books, and I like to learn. But they won't even let me in the door!

Brown dog kisses,