All that good snow in my yard, is just gone, every bit of it. I could just cry! My mom just said, thats the breaks, Stella, I told you it wasn't going to last! No sympathy there, thats for sure.

I am gonna make a pray to the Heavens to send more snow, but this time a much better quality that will not go away in some dinky sunshine. We need sticking snow, a little more deeper snow,snow that knows what its doing!!!

OK? Lets get it!

Always you get Kisses,



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Fear not!

That was just your Mini-Snow-Da!

You'll get lots more - and probably soon!


Joe Stains said...

if I knew how to do a snow dance I'd do it for you. I could always ask Tanner to do one, just for the amusement factor ;)

Dannan and The Girl said...

Sniff, sniff, my snow is gone, too, Stella! If I figure out how to get it back, I'll tell you right away!

Brown dog kisses,

Pee Ess I am being ABANDONED tomorrow, call for help!

Princess Eva and Brice said...

Hey Stella,
My momma was talking to Khyra's momma who mentioned that you live in MN. We do too! What part do you live in?

Princess Eva and Brice

P.S. We got snow last night.

Dannan and The Girl said...

Yeah, our snow came, then melted, then came again, and melted again! When I can hear it melting from the roof and stuff, I am worried that it is rain. And rain is EVIL and makes brown dogs melt, too. I don't know about it's effects on black doggies, but be careful, Stella!

Brown dog kisses,